Who is an Author?

A writer or an author is someone who thinks creatively and loves the art of writing. An individual who wants to be an author or a writer should have a deep interest in producing well-crafted pieces of work for his readers. A writer uses work closely with words and uses the fundamentals of the language to evoke the imagination and to hold the interest of the readers.

He is the one who uses words and phrases in different styles to communicate the ideas and feelings. He is the creator of different kinds of literary art and creative writings such as short stories, poetry, novels, plays,essays and can produce fictional and non-fictional material to read.

He sees the world not as a place made up of things but of words around him. A writer possesses the power that can change the way an entire civilisation thinks. An author's workplace is typically any place that he can produce work. Some authors are paid for their work and some write without payment.

For great writers money is the secondary thing. Anyone can become a writer or author at any point of their life. There are many well known authors in the world who started writing after retirement from their regular lives. Regardless of your age , you may have a great novel in you. An effective and great author always focuses on aspiring stories and spends many hours of the day generating original and exciting ideas.

My name is Lyall De’Viana and I am an author and my first published novel was “Philanthropist”, which was based on love, pain, and trauma. It is a fiction novel. Now I am going to publish my next classic novel “Life Trader”. It is the sequel of the first one. The story of “Life Trader” is based on time travel.