The Life And Work of Lyall De’Viana

Hi, I am Lyall De’Viana and I was born in Kenya in the year 1960 but I moved to the UK with my family for a better lifestyle. Before being an author I spent most of my life playing Karate. Later on, I used to work as a badminton coach for many years.

I give my best during coaching and understand the importance of strict discipline on the court. At one point of my life, I suffered from an unfortunate event that inspires me to write a story.

Then I decided to write a story to get recover from psychological trauma and begin to write my first novel i.e. “Philanthropist”. It is a piece of fiction and has become very popular. This novel is based on trauma, love, pain, and deceit.

Till now I have completed just one work i.e. “Philanthropist” but working on my second novel “Life Trader''. It is also a fiction novel and is the sequel of “Philanthropist”. The story of this upcoming novel is very mysterious and thrilling. It is a time travel story of an alien.

The name of the alien is Kate. In the story, Kate and his brother Blake try to travel the time and interview the most terrifying killers of history. For this, they build a marvellous laboratory with the help of advanced technologies.

They also take the help of other experts to complete their mission. Gabe, Lena, Philip, and Karoline are the people who supported them in the time-travelling mission. The most surprising part of the story is that even Blake does not have the idea that his sister Kate is an alien, even though they have been very close.

This novel will be released in September 2020. I hope readers will also enjoy this one the same as my first novel.