Does Coronavirus Will Change the World Forever By Lyall De'Viana

The Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China in December and now it has speeded to every corner of the world. The WHO finds it the most serious disease and declares it as a pandemic disease.

On 31st December 2019, the health authorities of China confirmed that hundreds of people in Wuhan are being sickened from an unknown source and there was no clear evidence of the virus that was spreading from person to person.

After that, on 11th January 2020, China reported the first death from the Coronavirus. The first person who died from Coronavirus diseases was a 61-year-old resident of Wuhan. It has been reported that he had visited the live animal market before he got infected from the Coronavirus.

On 21st January 2020, the US has also reported the 1st confirmed Coronavirus case in Washington. It was the 34 years old young man who had traveled to Wuhan. After that, on 23rd January 2020, China imposes lock-down in Wuhan. This decision was taken by the Chinese government to stop the Coronavirus from spreading.

All flights, trains, buses, and subways were suspended to avoid the spreading of the virus. And seven days after Wuhan shut down, the WHO declared a public health emergency. All the major sports events, festivals, concerts and weddings were recommended to postpone.

On 11th February Coronavirus got its formal name i.e. COVID-19, where “CO” stands for Corona, “Vi” stands for virus and “D” stands for diseases. And the number of Corona affected people starts increasing worldwide. So far, many people have fallen prey to it, some of whom are dead and some are still fighting for their lives.

This virus will bring drastic changes in the world’s history. Hospital staff is unable to treat many patients due to the shortage of nurses and physicians. Because of the medical staff shortage, Italy has stopped treating the people above 60 years.

Here is the country-wise statistics of deaths caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) -:

COVID-19 is an invisible threat and every person is panicked about it. This is a big global threat and we all need to unite to deal with this terrible threat. This is not too late; there is still a chance to deal with COVID-19 by taking some precautions.

All of us should make social distance because COVID-19 spreads by touching the infected person or an infected thing. Isolation is the only way to keep you safe.

You can also take other safety measures into account such as wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizers, use a face mask, avoid going to large gatherings, stay at home and visit the doctor if you are not feeling well. The cough, runny nose and respiratory problems are the early symptoms of the Coronavirus.

So don’t stay at home if you are suffering from flu or cold for more than 7 days and contact health care professionals as soon as possible.