Do You know the Difference Between Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing?

Sometimes readers and writers get confused between the terms ‘Fiction’ and ‘Non-fiction’. Fiction refers to character or literature created from the imagination, while non-fiction refers to stories or literature based on actual and real facts. Fantasy, romance, science fiction, etc are the form of fiction writing.

Whereas biography, cooking, health and fitness, crafts, travel, religion, home decor, history, science, and business are all non-fiction genres. In simple words, fiction is something imaginary and non-fiction is something that exists in reality.

Fiction writing is not a cup of tea, one needs to be very imaginative to become a fiction writer. Fiction stories are composed of nonexistent things, fanciful occasions, nonexistent spots, and composition. On the other hand, non-fiction stories include real writing, real events, real places, real things, and real people.

Fiction stories are created by the writer or author according to their imagination, whereas non-fiction stories cannot be created if they are written based on facts. While writing fiction stories, writers create their fantasy world in their mind and come out with a very interesting and engaging story. These kinds of stories are imaginative and do not base on real facts. When you read fiction stories, you imagine such a situation that you never face in reality. Fiction based stories take you to the fantasy world where you never get a chance to go in reality.

Fiction work is a creative fabrication of hypothetical characters in any format such as fiction, novel, drama, fable, short stories, comics, audio recordings, TV shows, films, etc. Fiction based stories are full of thrillers, fantasies, suspense, surprise, mystery, romance, crime, etc.

Generally, non-fiction literature contains educational, factual, and informative writings and known as a prosaic piece of literature that is composed of various relevant topics. These kinds of writings are straightforward and very natural because they deal with events that take place in real life. Nonfiction literature is a collection of facts and is more descriptive than fiction stories.

Non-fiction literature is based on clarity, straightforwardness, and simplicity. Some examples of non-fiction works are memoirs, essays, textbooks, documentaries, technology, business, politics and newspaper reports.

Now it will depend on your choice, what you would like to read. If you enjoy reading historical work, memoirs, about technology then you should go for non-fiction works. But if you enjoy reading mysteries, suspense and drama then you must be a fiction-work fan.

Following are the key differences between fiction and non-fiction writing:

1. Fiction writing deals with imaginary things whereas non-fiction work deals with real life.

2. Fiction work is subjective but non-fiction work is objective.

3. Fiction stories give flexibility to the author to move the story in any direction, whereas non-fiction writings are not flexible because they are based on true and real information.

4. The main purpose of fiction writing is to entertain the readers, on the other hand, the major goal of nonfiction writing is to educate and inform the readers.

5. References may or may not be provided by the author of fiction novels whereas references are the compulsory part of non- fiction work.